Reimagining the Onboarding Process: The Painless Transition to Lastmile

Lastmile is committed to providing best-in-class service. Our onboarding process is designed to make your life easier with our internal team handling all the heavy lifting, maintaining open lines of communication, and providing support to your team wherever needed.

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June 14, 2024

Does the thought of transitioning to a new local marketing solution keep you up at night? Legacy providers don’t have the infrastructure to support enterprises, often relying too much on their clients’ internal teams to do the heavy lifting. You need a communicative and supportive partner that takes the stress of onboarding out of your hands.

Lastmile makes the transition process quick and easy. We know that the onboarding process can be frustrating due to a lack of communication with vendors, excessive demands on an already overburdened internal team, and insufficient support from vendors during the transition. But when choosing the wrong provider can delay your market entry by months, partnering with the right local marketing solution is essential to your business success.

Let's get to the point: We designed our onboarding process to make your life easier. Our internal team handles all the heavy lifting, maintaining open lines of communication and providing support to your team wherever needed. Our approach ensures a smooth transition in just a few weeks, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your business's local presence without the hassle of technical integrations.

Starting on the Right Foot

Our approach to onboarding combines two essential components that make a transition successful: speed and thoroughness. You need to launch a new solution quickly, but it’s essential that you don’t sacrifice the details in the process. Partnering with the wrong provider has real implications on your bottom line even as early as the integration process, including missed marketing opportunities, draining of internal resources, additional costs, and lags in support.

The Onboarding Process


  • Our team conducts an audit of your existing location pages and listings profiles, focusing on everything from page performance and accessibility to SEO implementation and local content strategy

Requirement Gathering

  • Identify business objectives, stakeholders, and project needs
  • Design & Messaging
  • Identify and optimize local content for your pages and goals


  • Set up reverse proxy
  • Business data integration
  • 3rd party platform access (Google, Apple, Bing, etc.)


  • Validate dataflow & page design in a staging environment


  • Microsites, locator, & listings go-live

You’ll See an Immediate Difference with Lastmile

  • Save resources by identifying and addressing any potential roadblocks before we start the transition process.
  • Create pages that have a bigger impact while investing fewer of your internal resources, and eliminate redundancies that eat up your crawl budget.
  • See a significant uplift in organic visibility for category queries, and at least double the engagement rate on our local pages.
  • Fill in the gaps in analytics, giving you access to all of your data to better optimize and improve efficiency.
  • Maintain a dedicated staging environment so that site pages don’t need to be taken down or put in maintenance mode to make changes

Our goal is to make your life easier, so we designed the transition process with you in mind.

Created by professionals who have worked within large enterprises, we understand firsthand the challenges when vendors miss the mark and overcomplicate technical projects, especially during transitions to new providers.

We often hear from customers who have switched to us, expressing regret for staying too long with a provider that never prioritized their needs. We've streamlined every aspect of our approach and structured it to utilize the technology we've developed exclusively for large-scale enterprises, ensuring you achieve the greatest results from day one of your launch.

Partner with Lastmile to to unlock the full potential of your brand's local presence today.

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