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Telling Isn’t Selling

Telling online directories and social media sites where products may be found and how to travel to or contact those locations won’t close the sale.

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Lastmile Retail

This is 2020, not the mid 1990s when the first web directories were first popularized.  Today, ANY consumer, especially a “high-intent” shopper, who has proactively searched a website’s store locator or a search engine (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.), looking for a specific product or service deserves to see local inventory, services and promotions available for them to BuyNearby™.

Only Lastmile Retail comprehensively provides, usually for the same or less than what competitors like Yext typically charge, the improved capabilities needed for brands and multi-location retailers to meet consumer demands head-on and:

  1. Drive highly-qualified, relevant traffic for “high-intent” shoppers
  2. Engage first with what the shopper wants, like available inventory nearby
  3. Provide compelling content with value propositions and promotions that extend the brand into product and category considerations
  4. Enable multichannel engagement features to bridge online-to-offline (O2O) purchases (Buy Now, Reserve, BOPIS, Appointment Booking, AI Chat, Intelligent Q/A, Call, etc.)

Why does doing all of this well matter? According to top industry sources, such as the National Retail Federation (NRF), selling more online in 2020 requires retailers to create customer-first shopping experiences, which includes basic things such as:

  • Inventory being relayed that links online-to-offline (O2O)
  • Engaging Omni-channel Capabilities (i.e., Reserve a product, Find in store, etc.)
  • Enabling Customers to Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS) (1)

Sound familiar?

Telling isn’t selling.  Just telling consumers where your stores are located, giving contact information and sharing high-level product categories or services offered will not drive the best qualified customers your way and close the sale.  Consumers want to know exactly what’s available for purchase in that moment of consideration for all of your locations with up-to-date, localized inventory at the store level.  They also want the latest promotions and engagement options that fit their buying needs.  Only then will they make a purchase.

The Lastmile is sales.  Learn more and join us today!