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Aesthetics or Sales?

Do you want your customers to search for specific products and services that you offer and just find an aesthetically pleasing web page? They say that beauty is only skin deep. What happens when so is your brand online and your customers find a competitive alternative?

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Lastmile Retail


In contrast, Lastmile offers full transactional microsites for each and every one of your locations.  Our Digital Storefronts are made for every local store in your footprint and infused with rich, local content so your end customers can browse and buy everything each store offers and satisfy demand in that moment.  Most importantly, we give you two things Yext cannot deliver:  1) real time inventory at the store level and 2) engagement features and tools aimed at driving sales and we can back up claims:

  • 10M+ in stock products a day
  • 20+% conversion to leads and sales off visits
  • 10X conversion rate boost to E-commerce and BOPIS sales off our local marketing and pages
  • 100M+ dollars in measured transactions

Real transactional data from working hard to drive sales for our clients.

On the contrary, others use sales buzzwords but can’t even share how they achieve that in their own marketing.  Frankly, it’s confusing and misrepresents capabilities.  Yext, for example, describes their Pages product as being built for “discoverability and conversion” and then talks about how voice assistants matter more than your website, the importance of creating a good design and how they’ll help you “win every location search.” See for yourself:

They even claim to “help end customers find what they’re looking for.”


How do you do that without having the ability to pull in real-time inventory, promotions and services at the store level for as many locations a brand or retailer wants on our BuyNearby™ Platform?  How can shoppers visiting a Yext Page find a product in that moment without calling or traveling to the store?

There’s no transactionally-focused online-to-offline (O2O) engagement on any Yext page as their true focus is simply helping you control your business listings.  Said not Lastmile, but Yext:


Remember that telling isn’t selling.  Just telling consumers where your stores are located, giving contact information and sharing high-level product categories or services offered will not drive the best qualified customers your way and close the sale.  Shoppers want to know exactly what’s available for purchase in that moment of consideration for all of your locations with up-to-date, localized inventory at the store level.  They also want the latest promotions and engagement options that fit their buying needs.  Only then will they make a purchase.

The Lastmile is sales.  Learn more and join us today!