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All Pages Aren’t Made Equal…and Your Customers Know it!

At Lastmile we make transactional microsites for each and every one of your stores. Our Digital Storefronts are made for every local store in your footprint and infused with rich, local content so your end customers can browse and buy everything each store offers and satisfy demand in that moment. Most importantly, we add two key ingredients:

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Lastmile Retail

Real-time Inventory and Engagement Features to Drive Sales.

This way “high-intent” online shoppers find what they’re looking for and can make a faster, educated decision on what to buy.  Content meet Context.

We do this because your local business is more than just a page and unfortunately that’s what many of our competitors make.  In contrast to costly pages that syndicate your store addresses, contact information and perhaps high-level product categories to online directories that first emerged in the mid-1990s, only Lastmile provides transactional microsites with:

  1. Real-time Inventory at the store level
  2. Current promotions for localized incentives
  3. Multichannel engagement features to bridge online-to-offline (O2O) purchases (Buy Now, Reserve, BOPIS, Appointment Booking, AI Chat, Intelligent Q/A, Call, etc.)
  4. Service pages that relay jobs, repairs, local specialties or experts

Today, Lastmile hosts thousands of Digital Storefronts and growing daily for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to the Fortune 500.

  • 10M+ in stock products a day
  • 10K+ business locations
  • 10M+ site visitors a month
  • 100M+ dollars in measured transactions

Shoppers have taken notice of our unique approach considering Lastmile:

  • Consistently delivers 20+% conversion to leads and sales off visits
  • Provides 10x conversion rate boost to E-commerce and BOPIS sales off our local marketing and pages

Pages come from the Dark Ages.  Don’t allow your customers to click on mainly static landing pages that do very little and press your luck with sales.  Only Lastmile provides the comprehensive capabilities needed to make your own luck and drive sales in any economy.  Welcome to the new world.

The Lastmile is sales.  Learn more and join us today!