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Optimizing Google Crawling & Hyperlocal SEO Best Practices

Lastmile’s Shaun Huber joins Kevin Lee, of the Power Marketing Podcast, to discuss the current SEO landscape with insight on best strategies and common mistakes in your business’s online presence. 

Written by

Lastmile Retail

Meet Shawn

Shawn Huber - SEO Program Director at Lastmile Retail

  • Over a decade of hands-on SEO experience with notable brands, achieving up to 40% growth in organic traffic.
  • Recognized with awards such as The Drum Awards for Search and Search Engine Land's In-House Team of the Year.
  • Featured speaker at SEO conferences like Advanced Search and contributor to Moz's Whiteboard Friday series.
  • Proficient in SEO tools like Google Search Console, SEMrush, and skilled in integrating SEO with other digital marketing channels.

 In this episode Shawn covers: 

  • The relationship between Google Crawler visit frequency and URL traffic.
  • How small businesses can utilize Google Business Profiles to their advantage. 
  • The Pros and cons of Local branches within larger enterprises owning their social media presence. 
  • Common SEO mistakes affecting your domain’s visibility and traffic.

Watch The Episode

Episode Timestamps

[0.0] Intro

[2.11]  The impact of Google Crawler Visits on Site Traffic

[5.04] Data Influencing User Experience Rankings 

[7.32] Using your Google Business Profile to Build Visibility 

[9.12]  Hyperlocal Content Collaboration  

[10:31] Strategies for Local Rankings 

[13.07] Common Mistakes in SEO Audits

[18.00]  Creativity within SEO Features

[22.00] The Social Media Footprint of Individual Stores within a Brand 

[27.27] Guiding content promotion with Branding 

[30.08] The Future of Site Optimization