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6/10 shoppers start their journey online before visiting your stores 

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Win more local customers by connecting online shoppers to the available nearby products and services that they’re searching for.

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Transactional local microsites

with rich local content that your nearby customers are searching for

Real-time local inventory

with pricing, active promotions, and stock availability

Award winning technology

for our proprietary SEO and location data platform

White-glove service

with dedicated account managers and white-glove treatment

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Creating Effective Local Search Results
Local Marketing

Creating Effective Local Search Results

Search is your company’s “foot in the door” to online shoppers. Unlike visitors to your site, shoppers in search have generally not already decided on where they’re going to purchase – especially when they want to buy local. To win the sale, not only do you have to rank for shoppers local queries, but you need content and taglines that are contextually relevant and cater to shopper’s immediate need.

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5 Elements of a successful local product landing page

5 Elements of a successful local product landing page

The Online Landing Page is the “final destination” for online shoppers before they buy. So how do we do it Right? If we seek to surpass industry average conversion rates of 2.5% and enter the realm of industry-best conversion rates of 28% we must provide the shoppers with what they seek! This article is intended to showcase the effective elements of a Landing Page. Simply put, we answer the question of how to convert a visitor shopper into a paying client.

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Going the Lastmile
Industry Insight

Going the Lastmile

Sales is the Lastmile, or the moment of truth for any company. However, even the greatest products and services cannot sell themselves, so companies have to be great at acquiring and retaining customers. The issue is how to most effectively do so considering that product life cycles have collapsed, buyers are more informed, customer experiences matter more and 24/7 access to online commerce continues to disrupt buying models.

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